Welcome to Scale Model Forum!

Anything not covered by another category or forum!
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Welcome to Scale Model Forum!

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Hey everyone, welcome to Scale Model Forum!!

As you can see the paint is still wet, and its still "under construction" but its coming along.

Feel free to post anything and everything relating to scale models, building, buying, collecting, selling, painting, tips, tricks, magic spells to make it all work out great, etc. Just whatever.

I'll work out the rules later, but for now: No SPAM, nothing illegal, no porn, etc. and be excellent to each other and all that.

and NO POLITICS OR RELIGION. Also NO POLITICS in case that wasn't clear. Not here. No tolerance for it, unless it somehow relates to building scale models, save the politicking for Facebook.

Basically this site is a sister project to ModelKitBuilder.com, which I'm doing a grand do-over after a full year of trying moving, failing, then having to deal with my main projects and websites due to COVID and Google playing nasty tricks with search results. Fun times were had all around :?

But here we are, gonna start this up, and MKB again. Stay tuned and POST POST POST.
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